• Your blood is replaceable, A life is not.

  • You don’t need to be a doctor to save a life

  • Come Forward, Donate Blood

What are blood donation camps?

Blood donation camps bring the hospital to you rather than you going to the hospital to donate blood. We partner with government-recognized blood banks that get their expert doctors and staff to conduct a clean blood donation camp without hassles. The camp can be organized in a common area or any other spacious place. We will make all the other arrangements, and you just have to make available a ventilated clean space. Now saving lives does not need any travel even, just 20minutes at the camp!

How can we make our blood donation camp different?

Our team will help you organize a camp and ensure that each donor leaves with a smile on his/her face. Your blood donation camp can have a theme and fun music being played in the background. Don’t worry, our young army of volunteers will help you with that!

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