Every Blood Donor is a Life Saver

  • “We want to continue being a pioneer in the field of blood donation and push India to become self-sufficient.”


    To build a community of volunteers and ambassadors that relentlessly work towards making India blood self-sufficient.


    To save as many lives as possible by maintaining a reliable and economical blood supply in India’s remotest locations.

    About Us

    Mega Blood Donation Drive (MBDD) project is a sub-wing of Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Yuvak Parishad (ABTYP) that pledges to serve the country through community services. The Mega Blood Donation Drive exists to make India blood sufficient. Our country is currently deficient in about 2 million blood units. The ongoing pandemic and the vaccination have blown this deficiency to further lower levels. With our continuous efforts, we were able to get ourselves featured in the prestigious Guinness World Records (2014) to organize the highest Blood Donation at multiple locations and collect 100212 blood units in a single day. We continue to build a community of volunteers and ambassadors who work day in and day out to ensure that blood is available in every corner of India to anyone in need.

    The dedicated members of ABTYP pledge to service humankind, share thepassion of community service and, conserve the environment.

    Our Journey

    • Organized the first Mega Blood Donation Drive with Sachin Tendulkar as our brand ambassador and collected 96600 units of life in a single day.


    • Featured in the Guinness World Records for organizing the world’s biggest blood donation drive and collecting 100212 blood units in a single day.


    • Featured as the ‘Longest Blood Donation Drive’ in Asia and Indian world record books for organizing non-stop blood donation camps for 365 days.


    • Continuing to organize blood camps across the length and breadth of India.


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    Sourabh Patawri

    Sourabh Patawri

    Co Convenor




    Hitesh Bhandia

    Hitesh Bhandia

    Chief Convenor



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